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Ofcom’s 2014 Uk Report: Device Usage, Mobile Advertising and Digital Downloads

Ofcom published its The Communications Market Report 2014 in the UK today, 7th August 2014.

The report looks are digital usage across devices and communication, purchasing power and spend as well advertising within the consumer market and how the wireless telecoms fit into that.

Physical Music vs Digital/Subscription Music
As a 30 something, seeing the graph below with my age group being the shifting point between those who prefer physical music vs digital and subscription services like Spotify is not shocking but still a good look at the market. It’s never easy to get someone to pay for a product.

digital music streaming

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24 Hours with Foursquare 8.0

Foursquare Home Screen24 hours ago Foursquare launched its latest redesign that has been a few years in the making. I’ve a been a huge fan of the app & service since its initial launch.

The value from the service has always been the recommendation engine... sure I loved check-ins and getting a badge in the early days. However, when that wore off, it was its ability to help me find great places to eat when I’m traveling. I often travel solo and go to places I don’t know anyone. The relaunch last night brings this service into focus and in the crosshairs of Yelp and other similar services and apps.

The last 24 hours have been a joy using the new app. It feels faster than normal, I have gotten recommendation around an upcoming trip to Asia (my first). This has always been one area I’ve found service better over Yelp. Looking at your past trips and what you usually enjoy eating, it has a great idea of what you’d like in the future. Rarely has Foursquare been wrong about a venue being a good or bad place.

Hint: don’t touch any food place with less than a 7 score on the platform in large major cities. This isn’t a hard and fast rule for smaller markets but it does hold true in those markets, many times, too.

The new layout and colour scheme I’d say I’m the biggest fan of… thought it’s a change I’ll need to get use to over time. Change is never easy. If you’re going to travel to a new city and want to know where to eat, what’s hot or if that place you walked by is worth the walk in; Foursquare can help you. From Melbourne to Oslo, Bristol to Chicago, Tallinn to Cairns I’ve used this app across 3 (soon to be 5) continents now and it hasn’t let me down.


Merging Offline and Online Data in Google Analytics to Drive Remarketing

An area of focus for me this year has been merging disparate data sources and looking to link offline and online data into Google Analytics and MixPanel. Not an easy task or one that you learn about overnight. Many Canadian, British and 57% of US marketers are looking to do the same thing to create a unified view of their customers.


I came across this great post about merging offline and online in GA to help build out your remarketing list. It’s a great read if you’re just diving into this topic like I’m or looking to implement it into your organization ASAP. Taking data from kiosks, street team’s iPads or other non-traditional digital sources is a great idea and one that requires different teams to work together in a company.

Academic Research on Digital Media from Georgia Tech

Social Media Georgia Tech


Proper research forms the backbone of a great (marketing) strategy and helps you understand where you’re heading. Since 2005 Georgia Tech has been studying people, social media and what that really means (most of the research dates back until 2009). And no, they don’t just have papers on cat videos:

Using Social Visualization to Motivate Social Production

The Network in the Garden: Designing Social Media for Rural Life

Predicting Tie Strength With Social Media 

Specialization, Homophily, and Gender in a Social Curation Site: Findings from Pinterest

Computing and Building Around Tie Strength in Social Media (in review)

Another good source of data, information and maybe even a few insights to drive your strategy forward.


Driving App Downloads: Learn How To Create an App Install Campaign on Twitter


Last week Twitter launched the ability for marketers to launch a campaign to drive app installs on Twitter. Previously it was only available to select advertisers. We’re set up a few here at the office and though it wasn’t hard, we ran into a few roadblocks ourselves.

Before Launching Your Campaigns on Twitter
1. You’ll want to export your Mailchimp subscriber list to Twitter and create a tailored audience from your subscribers. Your Mailchimp list should have at least 5,000 subscribers and it’ll take 6 hours for Twitter to process your list. I’d take care of this task on a Friday, so your list is ready to start on the following week.

2. Create a conversion tag for your website and mobile app. Click on “Conversion Tracking” at the top of your Twitter dashboard. Follow the on screen instructions for a website conversion tag. We picked 30 days window for attribution as we know our customers don’t buy right way and may take some time to decide if our product is for them.

For our mobile app, we integrated Twitter with Appsflyers, which is what we use to track app installs (across different platforms) at work. If you’ve used Appsflyer before, login into your account and select Twitter as your media source. Your Twitter account will ask if you want to connect with Appsflyer and after you say yes, it’s done! Now lets go about setting up your first campaign.

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