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Salary Survey: Calling All PPC, Paid and Performance Marketers

salary survey

What do I make? What does your colleague make in the next row of desks? How much is the going rate for a junior paid person?

I’ve always wondered these questions and more because 1) I don’t want to leave money on the table and 2) I’m hiring a few people this year and want to be more open about what we pay them. Company’s make salary a black box affair and that doesn’t help any of us.

I’ve been told more than a few times not to discuss what I make with others on the team, which was because we all got contracted out at different rates. The survey is anonymous. I’m going to make the results public for everyone to see and keep this transparent.


Salaries should be more open and if the industry won’t help, then we need to help ourselves. I’ve launched a salary survey for everyone working in paid*. Survey closes 29th, February 2016 at Midnight PST.

Paid =  Performance Marketing, PPC, Paid Search, Paid Social: FB, Linked In, Twitter ads or Amazon Ads, Demand Generation roles and even those guys in Display.

What I Learned After Spending $15,000 On Programmatic


Late November 2015 I started running programmatic with Adgorithms based in Europe. I picked them because they had a good reputation, financially stable and I liked the people I had been talking with during the initial opening talks. Read my pieces on 5 Questions To Ask Your Next Programmatic Vendor, which was a post I came up with as I was vetting different vendors.

After spending 6 weeks and $15,000 dollars attemping to get a long term strategy up and running. I came away with some major lessons that will shape how I look at programmatic advertising and my experiences going forward with the medium. A big cavet is I wanted to keep programmatic in-house and not outsource to an agency like The Exchange Labs.

See what you’ll be working with from your vendor. I had to push Adgorithms to give me access to a dashboard and this should have been a bigger red flag, if they hadn’t said early on that not all ads would run through their technology stack. Like many vendors they run some ads through a third-party platform. Making sure the dashboard has the metric you’d want to see from CTR & CPC to CPA based on your pixel firing on your site. Also make sure you like how the dashboard looks and is easy for you to use.

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Advertising on Instagram in 2016


With a community of more than 400M, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms.

There are more than a few places to learn the basic of advertising on Instagram. If you’ve done advertising on Facebook, then you know the Facebook Power Editor all too well. The same interface is used for Instagram.

I wanted to mention a couple important features that make it different than advertising on Facebook but not at the sametime. Beyond it being a visual platform and mobile first before Facebook way.

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I’m Speaking at Google Digital Breakfast 2016

Google Digital Breakfast

I’m speaking at a Google Digital Breakfast in Vancouver 24th February 2016. The event is hosted by Titan PPC and fully sponsored by Google. You can check out the schedule for the event, which is actually taking place at night vs the morning. I’m going to talk about AdWords, Quality Score and why those are so important toward helping make more money in 2016…while using landing pages of course.

Blog Post Series: Building An Attribution Model in 2016


I’ve been documenting my attribution modelling journey….and as I often say; good is better than perfect. If you’re startup or  a smaller brands looking to move beyond lack-touch attribution. Then this blog post series is for you.

Multi-Channel Attribution That Goes Beyond Last Click

The Journey To Multi-Channel Attribution

When Do You Use A Last Non-Direct Click Attribution Model?

3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Multi-Channel Attribution

A Startup Marketing Framework: Attribution Modelling

How To Analyze Your Startup Attribution Model

This series looks over the last 8 months and the work I’ve been focused on more and more as I struggle and research what’s the best path forward. Like any marketing, this is an orgaism and it’s change and grow over time. Some things will get added and other will get cut away and that’s ok.

The key point is you’re looking beyond last touch and growing your business in the right way.